Leading Behavioural Safety

Designed for line managers of operatives who need to develop the confidence and commitment to successfully challenge unsafe behaviours at work, and to highlight and praise safe behaviours.

Leading Behavioural Safety

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  • To appreciate they work in a dangerous environment.
  • To understand the impact of complacency at work.
  • To take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of their employees.
  • To gain the confidence and skill to make effective challenges to dangerous behaviour.

NB This programme uses actors to deliver a hard-hitting and engaging message about safety and its personal importance. Each acted scenario is scripted and rehearsed to be bespoke to your organisation. Delegates will recognise and identify with the language, culture, attitudes, working pressures and behaviours seen.


  • Icebreaker
  • Acted scenario 1 – introducing the characters of operative and line manager
  • Facilitator and group debrief
  • Acted scenario 2 – failure by line manager to challenge unsafe working
  • Facilitator and group debrief
  • Talking head – operative describes impact of accident on work and home life
  • Group discussion – who’s responsible? Delegates get to question the characters to get into their mindset
  • Forum theatre – actors replay scenario 2 and delegates use the ‘stop/start’ technique to pause the action and redirect the line manager in how to challenge the unsafe behaviour rather than ‘walking on by’. The actor responds exactly as directed. Delegates continue until a positive conclusion is reached.
  • The belief cycle – what’s at stake for you?
  • Case studies
  • Personal commitments

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