Leading Hybrid Teams

Leading Hybrid Teams

1 Day

Available onsite and online


One day virtual or one day face-to-face


Many organisations have moved to hybrid working recently. Done right, hybrid working can have many benefits in terms of work-life balance, greater employee autonomy and enhanced wellbeing. However, it is critical that managers and leaders are equipped to get the best out of their people to unlock those benefits and successfully navigate the potential challenges. This workshop will equip people managers with the skills and practical tools needed to manage a hybrid team that they can apply to their working world immediately.


By the end of this workshop, delegates should be able to:

  • Feel more knowledgeable and confident in leading their hybrid team.
  • Put in place some simple team management elements to ensure that their hybrid team is working effectively.
  • Increase the wellbeing of their hybrid team.


Reflection questions on learners’ experience of hybrid working and managing hybrid teams, to draw out the personal challenges faced by participants. Guided reading around hybrid working.


  • The context for hybrid working – recent and longer-term trends and digitalisation.
  • The challenges and benefits of hybrid working.
  • Developing hybrid working capabilities in a team.
  • The role and impact of the leader.
  • Leadership style essentials:
    –Empowering your team
    –Trusting your team
  • Creating an inclusive culture in a hybrid team.
  • Setting clear expectations and role responsibilities.
  • Engagement strategies to include and connect everyone.
  • Practical communication strategies in an asynchronous environment.
  • The REACH model for supporting team members: Responsiveness, Empathy, Accountability, Connection, Help.
  • Leveraging technology and digital platforms effectively.
  • Managing the wellbeing and safety of your remote team.
  • Personal action planning.

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