Leading People Through Change

Nowadays we are faced with upheaval and uncertainty almost daily and we need new skills to help us cope, adapt, adjust and stay in control. 

Leading People Through Change

1 Day

Available online


This training day is designed to provide each delegate with the skills to manage people, projects, problems and themselves as change continually faces them. This course is designed to help managers at all levels predict the effects of change, people’s likely reactions and to employ strategies to facilitate a smooth transition whilst change is happening.


  • For each delegate to learn how change affects people personally and the effect it can have on an organisation or department.
  • For each delegate to understand the key principles of change management.
  • For each delegate to learn how to stay flexible and keep their perspective and poise.
  • For each delegate to learn how to empathise with the people involved in, and affected by change.
  • For each delegate to determine the strategies and methods needed to ensure change is implemented effectively.
  • To enable each delegate to plan and implement change with their own teams.


  • The nature of change
  • We are creatures of habit
  • Understanding organisational change
  • Strategies for managing change
  • Planning for change
  • Introducing change in the most positive way
  • Implementation – factors affecting success
  • Leadership skills
  • Measuring and monitoring results
  • Action plan

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