Leading Psychological Safety

This workshop is designed to help leaders create a culture of psychological safety in their teams and among colleagues.

Leading Psychological Safety

1 Day

Available onsite and online


One day virtual or one day face-to-face


Organisations need people who are willing to speak up, innovate, be open and honest, and relate authentically to others. This culture doesn’t happen by accident; it has to be created by leaders role modelling the right behaviours to promote the sense of psychological safety that enables these behaviours. The workshop is focused on practical techniques and skills to support leaders in this.


By the end of this workshop, delegates should be able to:

  • Describe what psychological safety is and how it relates to high performing teams.
  • Identify individual behaviours/communication preferences that support or reduce psychological safety for others.
  • Adapt own behaviours/communication preferences to create an environment of psychological safety for others.
  • Create more high value, collaborative conversations with others.
  • Deliver objective developmental feedback in a psychologically safe way.


Behavioural flexibility assessment to provide learners with a profile of their behavioural and communication preferences, and guided preparatory research around Collaborative Conversations.


  • What is psychological safety and when have we experienced or not experienced this ourselves.
  • Benefits of psychological safety to organisations and teams – quantitative and qualitative.
  • The In/Out exercise to identify psychologically safe team behaviours.
  • The four pillars of psychological safety: inclusion, risk, support, challenge
  • Finding your voice and amplifying others’ voices
  • Review of pre-work behavioural flexibility assessments – how do my own preferences potentially support or reduce psychological safety for others?
  • High value collaborative conversational skills: Promoting enquiry, Pausing, Paraphrasing, Probing for specifics, Putting forward ideas, Paying attention, Positive intent.
  • Growing psychological safety from self to team to culture.
  • Personal action planning.

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