Managing Career Aspirations

This programme has been specifically designed to guide employees towards the self-management of their own development.

Managing Career Aspirations

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  • Through applying the SOARR coaching model to the current personal planning process, employees can follow a structured approach towards the above.
  • This day will enable employees to move through each critical stage of their development planning, with the objective of ensuring that meaningful goals are set in line within business objectives and their personal development areas.


  • For each individual to accept and take ownership of driving their personal development areas.
  • For the individual to gain support and guidance from their line manager.
  • For the individual to problem solve creative solutions to their development areas.
  • For the individual to effectively action and review expected results.


  • Presentation and exercise to introduce the SOARR Model.

What is a development plan?

  • Organisational needs
  • An individual’s development
  • How is a development need identified?
  • The role of individual
  • The role of the manager as a coach, guide, advisor

Locating the real STARTING POINT

  • Practical exercise using the funnelling technique to ‘drill down’ and identify what needs to change/ develop

Exercise to examine all the OPTIONS available

  • Skills needed to create options (problem solving, create thinking etc.)
  • Questions to ask, such as ‘what would give me:’
  • Greater knowledge, insight?
  • New experiences?
  • Direct feedback?

Practical exercise

  • Delegates are split into two teams. Both teams generate different development needs for which the opposing team must create lots of potential options.
  • Options already recommended by the business.
  • Defining Smart ACTIONS.
  • Defining RESULTS/expectations.
  • Agreeing a method for REVIEW.
  • Real-life coaching exercises.
  • Using the SOARR coaching model, delegates will practice coaching one another in establishing development areas, creating options, actions, results and review mechanisms.


Debrief and feedback


Debrief and feedback


Debrief and feedback


Debrief and feedback

STEP 5 Agreeing a method of REVIEW

Debrief and feedback

Summary, action plan and close

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