Managing Peak Performance

This day is specifically designed to empower managers with user- friendly tools that will enable them to get optimum motivation and performance out of every team member, regardless of personality or experience.

Managing Peak Performance

1 Day

Available onsite


Delegates will learn how to assess each team member as an individual and then in turn assess the right style of performance management for that person. Each delegate defines and sets objectives for managing a variety of team members as a result of the day. Most importantly, this module will highlight how a manager must adapt their natural management style in order to meet the needs of an individual and how to build a team that produces peak performance. The end of the day will utilise some of the course’s most challenging case scenarios and delegates will approach them through practical team work.


  • For each delegate to learn how to plan for peak performance.
  • For each delegate to define the way in which each team member should be individually managed.
  • For each delegate to work out a personal strategy for adapting their performance management style correctly to the requirements of each team member.
  • For the delegates to work on challenging real-life case studies


  • Peak performance – keeping all your plates spinning
  • Tutor presentation of a peak performance system
  • Practical exercise in which delegates will test the peak performance system against individual members of their teams
  • Tutor presentation on four necessary peak performance management styles
  • My natural leadership style – what is it?
  • Which management styles do I do well and why?
  • Where am I challenged and why?
  • Each delegate will set personal objectives in order to help them effectively adapt themselves to each management style
  • Practical group work sessions around the most challenging, real-life scenarios
  • Each delegate will create a strategy for the ongoing assessment of each team member
  • Summary and close

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