Maximising Our Team Capability

Maximising Our Team Capability

1 Day

Available onsite


This day has been specifically designed as a ‘sharing of best practice team experience’ which involves the following:

The team will decide what generic learning/strategies they can and should be sharing with one another in order to strengthen their team capability.

Delegates will work through exercises that will allow them to understand the benefits to the above as well as the current reasons for not sharing information.

Delegates will have open and honest conversations that will allow them to agree team and individual actions for ensuring that information is more effectively shared in the future.

Each delegate will gain an insight into their natural preference for communicating information. They will in turn use this to understand how to adapt their skills in order to share more with others (through coaching and mentoring) as well as through encouraging others to do the same within their immediate and wider team.

A full report will be emailed to the line manager and delegates after the training has taken place in order to keep the delegates focused upon their learning and key actions.


  • Line manager of delegates to set the scene, explaining reason for workshop and highlighting objectives
  • Pulling on our ‘Team Strengths’ through coaching one another
  • The benefits of sharing: to the organisation, the team and us as individuals
  • What we should and shouldn’t be sharing – group agreement
  • The real reasons for not sharing. Why do they exist and what must we do collectively to manage these obstacles?
  • Understanding my preference for communicating, sharing information and encouraging others to do the same for me
  • Personal action planning to develop the above
  • Coaching skills – the SOARR model
  • Group action planning around how to proactively and reactively manage ‘group sharing’ activities/approaches
  • Decisions made on how the above will be measured
  • Individual action planning around the above
  • Summary and close

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