Mediation Skills

This course is designed to be as interactive as possible, in order to give delegates the opportunity to raise and discuss particular issues of concern to them.

Mediation Skills

Available onsite


It is delivered through a combination of formal input sessions, managed discussions and case study exercises.


  • Delegates will be able to identify the causes and effects of conflict in the workplace and how organisations deal with conflict.
  • Delegates will have their awareness raised of the legal and financial implications of “getting it wrong”.
  • Delegates will be able to describe the different forms of bargaining that take place in the workplace and how this links in to mediation and conflict management.
  • Delegates will have an awareness of different strategies that they could employ to manage the conflict that they encounter in the workplace.
  • Delegates will understand and be able to demonstrate effective mediation strategies and techniques.


  • Introduction and setting objectives
  • What are working relationships?
  • How do difficulties arise and what impacts upon them?
  • Leadership – setting an example
  • Where does conflict come from?
  • Spotting problems at an early stage/awareness of low level issues – the principle of active management
  • Why should managers manage?
  • What is mediation?
  • The role of the mediator
  • The principles of mediation
  • Role play exercise
  • Where do grievances fit in?
  • When is mediation appropriate and inappropriate?
  • Achieving “win/win” outcomes
  • Impartiality, winning trust, listening skills and exploring issues
  • Following up/thinking ahead
  • Momentum and monitoring
  • Who supports the mediator?
  • Template internal documents
  • Creating a mediation process map

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