Menopause Awareness for HR and OH Representatives

Keystone Training’s Menopause Workplace Training courses are aimed at informing employees and managers about menopause in the workplace and how to support those who are managing menopause on a daily basis.

Menopause Awareness for HR and OH Representatives

Half Day

Available onsite and online

Half-day Online or Half-day face-to-face | For those in employee support roles (HR, Health, Safety and Wellbeing)

This workshop is designed to provide a foundation of menopause awareness and knowledge for employees, line managers and leaders.

By the end of this course, attendees will be able to describe what the menopause is and is not, Recognise common misconceptions around menopause, Identify a range of symptoms and describe how the chronology of menopause could impact their workplace. Those in managerial roles will be able to take this information and identify aspects of employment legislation might be applicable to the impact of menopause in the workplace, identify a range of interventions and next steps that improve menopause awareness and produce an action plan.

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