Personal Effectiveness


Personal Effectiveness

2 Days

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This programme incorporates the successful one day ‘Effective Communication Skills’ course, designed for people who want to ensure their communication is clear, assertive and persuasive with the self esteem building practical aspects of a confidence building course.

This is a two-day programme which looks to build self belief in order to then move onto generating greater assertiveness in any individual and any role.


For each delegate to :

  • Manage their feelings of self-belief positively.
  • Boost their confidence enabling them to push themselves.
  • further and feel more confident in their abilities.
  • Recognise and eliminate or replace gestures and speech that could reduce the power of communication.
  • Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.
  • Analyse their personal communication style and how they are perceived by colleagues and team members.
  • Understand how they communicate and the benefits of becoming more assertive.
  • Ask questions, state their opinion and say “no” calmly and confidently.
  • Handle conflict and confrontation .
  • Understand how to influence others effectively, based on an understanding of the different personality types.

Contents – Day One

  • The psychology of confidence and self esteem
  • ‘Personal Power’ evaluation
  • Development of ‘Personal Power’ programme
  • Gaining confidence and self-control techniques for holding emotions at bay
  • Communication styles – understanding aggressive, passive and assertive messages (body language, voice, words, emails etc)
  • Developing assertive techniques such as key listening and questioning techniques
  • Summary and close

Contents – Day Two

  • What’s My Communication Style? – self-assessment
  • Evaluation of delegates’ levels of assertiveness
  • Conflict Management Style – self-assessment
  • Conflict management techniques
  • Saying “No”
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Working with others
  • Influencing techniques – the decision making process
  • Influencing different personality types
  • Summary and close

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