Poor Performance, Disciplinary, Grievance and Sickness Absence

This course has been specifically designed for any manager, team leader or supervisor who requires the confidence, skills and correct knowledge to effectively manage poor performance, disciplinary, absence and grievance matters.

Poor Performance, Disciplinary, Grievance and Sickness Absence

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  • For delegates to understand the key areas of legislation relating to the handling of poor performance, disciplinary situations, grievance and sickness absence.
  • For delegates to understand what the definition of what ‘poor performance’ is and to understand the process stages to follow when faced with this situation.
  • For delegates to understand the difference between ‘poor performance’ and ‘disciplinary’ processes and the consequences of failing to follow the correct procedures.
  • For delegates to understand what a grievance is and the potential causes for people raising grievances. Delegates will explore how to gain a positive outcome.
  • For delegates to understand the importance of proactively managing sickness absence and the process stages and procedure to follow when dealing with both short and long term sickness absence.
  • For delegates to practice conducting poor performance, disciplinary, grievance and sickness absence interviews using case studies relating to each area.
  • For delegates to understand the key skills required of giving and receiving feedback, setting SMART objectives, questioning, investigation and writing accurate notes.
  • For delegates to feel confident enough to proactively manage all of the subject areas covered in the programme whilst at the same time understanding the importance of keeping HR informed at all stages.


  • Understand the wider impact of absence.
  • Understanding your responsibility as a manager.
  • The importance of record keeping.
  • Identifying patterns and trends of absence.
  • The role of H.R.
  • The difference between short-term and long-term absenteeism.
  • Absence notification and return to work interviews.
  • Listening, questioning and setting actions.
  • Understanding your personal impact.
  • Dealing with sensitive issues and ensuring confidentiality.
  • Understanding essential elements of the law surrounding absenteeism.
  • The importance of setting standards for the team and individual.
  • Recognising the difference between sickness and nonattendance.
  • How to structure and conduct return to work interviews.
  • Role play, practical activities.
  • Development of individual action plans

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