Powerful Sales Presentation Skills

This programme is designed for all those who deliver bid or sales related presentations.

Powerful Sales Presentation Skills

3 Day

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This is an intensive three-day course with a high level of one-to-one coaching and feedback from our facilitator. (It can also be delivered over individual
days). It is specifically designed to equip employees with exceptional selling techniques during customer presentations. We use NLP techniques to enable delegates to model the very best sales strategies and techniques and apply them to their own selling presentations. The programme takes a holistic and refreshing approach to customer presentations and the world of selling as a whole. It does so by focusing primarily on how to construct and deliver a presentation into a process which ultimately influences the client’s decision to buy.


Day One

  • Delegates present a typical customer presentation
  • Presentations are assessed and broken down under course criteria
  • Introduction to NLP sales skills
  • NLP – the human brain and how to influence it
  • VAK – developing the ability to speak everyone’s language
  • Discovering each client’s unique buying map
  • Motivations – when to use the carrot, and when to use the stick
  • Rapport building techniques
  • Using meta-programmes to subtly create desire
  • Structuring your presentation – what do I want my audience to THINK, FEEL and DO?
  • Presentations are re-designed with the day’s learning in mind
  • Sections of the presentations are re-presented with coaching

Day Two

  • The psychology of persuasion
  • Structuring your presentation in order to psychologically influence the audience’s decision-making process
  • Hitting the client’s ‘value based’ buttons
  • Selling the benefits – sell the sizzle NOT the sausage
  • When and how to encourage/manage questions and objections
  • Selling through our stories
  • Practical activities to spice up the presentations
  • Visual aids and maintaining interest
  • Using notes
  • Moving away from reliance on PowerPoint™
  • Individual coaching on personal presentation
  • Talking and walking, power pausing, body language, voice, pace etc
  • Closing the client – understanding when and how
  • Delegates will restructure their presentations
  • Video feedback

Day Three

  • Practical application exercises
  • Final presentations
  • Intensive 1-2-1 coaching and video feedback from facilitator
  • Handling worse case scenarios

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