Professional Written Communication Skills

This programme aims to provide delegates with immediate and practical guidance on how to communicate more effectively and professionally through written communication.

Professional Written Communication Skills

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The course covers areas ranging from planning, grammar, tone, style and final proof reading.  Delegates  will develop their skills and confidence in order to improve emails, letters, memos and reports.

NB. It is important that delegates bring examples of reports or memos they have produced previously so that these can be incorporated into the day to help with discussion and practical exercises.


  • For each delegate to understand the principles of effective written communication.
  • For each delegate to be able to accurately plan and assess what information is required in their written communication.
  • For each delegate to understand how to structure their written communication in the most efficient manner with the maximum impact.
  • For each delegate to produce clear, effective and concise communication.
  • For delegates to learn techniques for producing accurate and well-proofed written communication, so that nothing can detract from their impact.
  • For each delegate to feel motivated and confident to put learned skills and knowledge into practice.


  • Preparation and approach
  • Selecting/rejecting information
  • Simple structuring
  • The recipient’s expectations
  • Grammar – do’s and don’ts
  • Spelling – misused and abused words
  • Punctuation essentials
  • Plain English
  • Maximum impact and interest
  • Creating an appealing layout
  • Practical exercises throughout the day
  • Personal development planning

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