Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Before a problem can be solved, it must be clearly identified and accurately stated. Therefore identifying the REAL problem is vitally important so that time is not wasted trying to solve the wrong problem. 

Solving Problems and Making Decisions

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This programme takes delegates through the entire process of problem solving and making good, effective decisions, from initial deliberation and analytical thinking right through to the final implementation.


  • For all delegates to become aware of the benefits and purpose of Problem Solving Teams.
  • For delegates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem solving process.
  • For delegates to be able to successfully identify and select solutions.
  • For the delegates to look at different analytical approaches to solving problems.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding Problem Solving Teams
  • Understanding problem solving – the process
  • Identifying the problem through brainstorming
  • Developing creative thinking
  • Analysing symptoms
  • Understanding causes and effective evaluation through data collection and analysis
  • Defining decisions
  • Identifying ‘Decision Making Styles’
  • Using decision making tools
  • Action plan and close

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