Stress Awareness for Managers

Every employee, and manager, who has varying degrees of responsibility will at some point in their working lives experience situations that put them under pressure. These situations may be sporadic or sustained. How proactively the individual and organisation identifies and deals with potential areas of pressure and minimizes the effect will determine the level of stress incurred and ultimately the health of the individual and the organisation.

Stress Awareness for Managers

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The aim of this programme is to raise awareness of what ‘stress’ is and how to manage it, improve organisational performance, and reduce sickness and absence.


  • For managers to understand the causes of stress.
  • For managers to understand how to identify signs of stress in their employees and how to manage it effectively.
  • For managers to understand the impact of stress on the organisation and employees .
  • For managers to understand how to avoid stress in the workplace and minimise the negative impact of stress on individuals and teams.


  • Medical explanation of stress – physical/psychological impact
  • What causes stress and how do different people handle it?
  • What are the signs of stress and how do you identify it within your own teams?
  • What is the impact on organisations? (e.g. current sickness levels/cost)
  • Current legislation regarding an organisation’s responsibility for managing stress.
  • How does the culture of an organisation affect how people deal with stress?
  • What can managers and organisations do to prevent people being adversely affected by stress?
  • How to identify stress and how to manage it effectively/the role of Occupational Health
  • Identify typical pressured and stressful situations within your own area of responsibility and develop actions for reducing the impact/avoiding stress occurring
  • Personal Action Plan

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