Stress Management

“Stress” is often considered to be a weakness but in fact it is a natural fact of life which each of us is going to experience. It is what we do when under pressure that makes the difference between being happy and productive or frustrated and anxious.

Stress Management

1 Day

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We can learn how to make stress a positive force in our professional and personal lives, and that is the prime objective of this one-day programme.


  • For each delegate to identify the sources of pressure in their lives, and learn how to control them.
  • To enable each delegate to achieve more in the workplace and at home without feeling pressured or pulled in too many different directions.
  • To enable each delegate to manage change effectively, both in their own working lives and those of their staff or colleagues.
  • For each delegate to feel excited about work and to have more energy to do the things they really enjoy.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding how stress occurs
  • Recognising the symptoms of stress – personal evaluation of current stress levels
  • Stress – Exercises to analyse the effects of stress on delegates in each area of their lives
  • Life Events Life Style
  • Personality
  • Work
  • Social support
  • Current inefficient ways of dealing with stress – how does each delegate currently react when under pressure?
  • Managing pressure – A portfolio of “solutions” is developed for each delegate to integrate into their lives
  • Life Planning
  • Breaks
  • Letting go
  • Relaxation
  • Time management
  • Assertiveness
  • Self esteem
  • Summary, action plan and close

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