Summarising Skills

The ability to summarise and check another person’s understanding in the workplace provides employees with many added benefits.

Summarising Skills

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Over 50% of a person’s communication is interpreted by what is seen, as opposed to what is heard. By confirming, summarising and clarifying, a person will rapidly reduce the likelihood of a breakdown of communication. In addition, a person with excellent summarising skills will find it easier to control a conversation and influence another person to think in a certain way. This programme will equip delegates with the practical skills to do this.


  • For each delegate to understand how and why communication can break down so easily.
  • For each delegate to understand that a picture paints a thousand words and to clearly portray their mental picture   as well as utilise key questioning techniques and summarising skills in order to check another person’s picture.
  • To enable each delegate to practice questioning skills that will influence another person to consider a wider picture.
  • To enable delegates to practise presenting a summary that will clarify and cement all perceptions and agree and define a way forward.


  • Introduction
  • The psychology of communication – how it works
  • We are visual creatures – painting pictures
  • The power of questioning skills
  • Defining their current perception
  • Challenging that perception
  • Examining wider implications – what if? Questions
  • Examining other options/ solutions
  • Summarising/defining and agreeing objectives
  • Practical exercises tailored to the role of each delegate

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