Talent Management and Succession Planning

Effective talent management across an organisation is critical to the successful retention, development and placement of the individuals who will contribute to the growth and development plans of the business, particularly in today’s increasingly competitive international environments.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

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Despite the importance placed on talent management and succession planning at a senior level, line managers can struggle to apply this at an operational level – to implement talent management in a practical way that is meaningful and supports the strategic values and goals of the organisation. The training explores best practice in talent management and ensures that delegates leave the programme with a confident grasp on how to identify and support the employees who will have a key role in developing the organisation.


  • For each delegate to understand the purpose and benefits of talent management
  • For each delegate to be confident applying talent management principles across their area of the business
  • For each delegate to leave with a robust plan for making the most of each individual they manage


  • What is talent management and to whom does it apply?
  • The purposes and benefits of managing talent in the organisation
  • Developing talent – accessibility and assumptions
  • Identifying and assessing talent
  • Personal development planning with employees
  • Development options
  • A coaching approach
  • Overcoming barriers and challenges
  • Action learning group
  • Personal action planning
  • Summary and close

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