Team Briefing Skills

The prime objective of this programme is to enable each delegate to enhance skills whereby they can obtain a group’s attention, hold people’s interest, influence them positively and persuade them to act if necessary.

Team Briefing Skills

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Whether delegates hold team briefings, present upwards, sideways or to the customer, this programme will help them tailor and pitch their presentation or briefing correctly. This highly personalised programme aims at providing the delegates with the knowledge of how to structure a presentation, as well as identifying each delegate’s strengths and development areas. Through practice and coaching the workshop also aims to eliminate anything that may reduce the impact of the presentation and will boost delegate confidence dramatically.


  • To identify the key factors involved in successfully influencing and persuading a group of people.
  • For each delegate to learn to project confidence, composure and competence.
  • To enable each delegate to successfully structure an effective presentation.
  • To enable each delegate to increase their visibility, effect and impact.

N.B. Each delegate will be asked to prepare a ten-minute presentation prior to the course.


  • Structuring a presentation or briefing session
  • Knowing your audience and defining your purpose
  • Understanding what gives a presentation IMPACT
  • Good and bad habits
  • Maintaining interest from the team or audience
  • Striping – how to tailor your information to your audience
  • Making the most of YOU – appearance, body language and voice and speech
  • Gaining confidence through accomplishment
  • Questions – using them to create an opportunity and validate understanding
  • Effectively closing a presentation or briefing session
  • Different types and levels of presentation – being aware of formal/non-formal styles and delivery and when to use them appropriately
  • One to one coaching exercises
  • What if? Scenarios – coping mechanisms for problems or last minute nerves

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