Team Effectiveness

N.B. This programme can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular team.

The programme develops each delegate’s individual and group awareness, and ultimately their overall team interaction.

Team Effectiveness

3 Day

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Through self and group analysis, the team takes time away from ‘doing the doing’ in order to assess their current level of team fitness, strengths and further development areas.

Delegates will be made aware of their natural working preferences, their team type, their coping style, their thinking style, and how they interact with others. This will enable them to openly discuss their individual strengths as well as personal challenges when working within a team or interacting with the client.

The three days consist of theoretical learning, practical activities, team challenges and feedback.

Delegates will finish the course able to draw upon the strengths of the team as well as proactively manage challenges and potential areas of conflict. The driving force behind the training will be to encourage the team to support, challenge and coach one another to higher team performance.


  • For each delegate member to assess the current status of their team as a whole using P.E.R.F.O.R.M as a framework for discussion.
  • For each delegate to understand the key elements of High Performing Teams.
  • For each team member to understand what they need to do to improve team effectiveness.
  • For each delegate to understand their personal behaviour/ way of working and how this impacts on the team.
  • For each delegate to understand how to draw on personal and team strengths.
  • For each delegate to understand how to manage individual and team challenges.
  • For each delegate to understand how to effectively manage their interactions with the client.

Team Effectiveness Contents

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