Time Management

The prime objective of this programme is to teach delegates to increase their efficiency by controlling their days instead of allowing their days to control them.

Time Management

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Research shows that on average, professionals can lose three to four hours every workday on unproductive tasks because they have not mastered techniques for managing the pace and pressures of their working environment. Following this session an individual will be able to plan and prioritise their working day and master techniques for sticking to that plan.


  • For delegates to understand the personal benefits to them of managing their time.
  • For each delegate to identify general guidelines for overall time planning appropriate to their own role.
  • For each delegate to develop communication skills to enable them to respond to the demands of others without jeopardising their own priorities.
  • For each delegate to prioritise effectively, thus becoming more proactive.
  • For each delegate to get organised, get going and get ahead!


  • Introduction to time management
  • The consequences of poor time management
  • Establishing individual problems and objectives
  • Understand your natural preference to managing your time
  • Organisational skills
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Establishing your own time management system
  • Guidelines for overall time planning
  • Managing priorities and delegates
  • Overview of dealing with others
  • Saying no to jobs that aren’t necessarily yours
  • Time robbers
  • Summary and action plan

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