Understanding Commercial Awareness

The purpose of this standard is to enable the delegate to develop an understanding of how stakeholder and client relationships and the monitoring and control of costs and waste contribute to making an organisation commercially successful as required by a practising or potential site supervisor.

Understanding Commercial Awareness

Available onsite and online

CITB Registered Employers can claim £240 for each delegate successfully completing this course and its assessment.

Guided Learning Hours

14 hours which are delivered as 2 days (virtual or face-to-face) plus pre- and post-work.


A Question and Answer paper completed at the end of Day 2 and a scenario-based practical exercise.

Learning outcomes

The delegate will be able to:

  • List your key internal and external stakeholders and explain why they are important to the organisation
  • Explain the role of the supervisor in maintaining good communications with stakeholders
  • Explain how customer service standards and procedures are used to meet customer needs
  • Explain how the supervisor monitors client requirements
  • Explain how feedback on client expectations can be used by the supervisor to improve how the business meets client requirements
  • Explain the responsibility of the supervisor in controlling costs
  • Explain two or more opportunities the supervisor has to impact on cost
  • Describe the principal features of two or more mechanisms in the organisation used by the supervisor to maintain control of labour and materials costs
  • Explain how the budget to build can be used as a control mechanism for managing cost
  • Describe potential waste in the organisation within a detailed and appropriate context
  • Describe two or more techniques and/or methods used by the supervisor for measuring and monitoring waste in the organisation
  • Identify the main benefits of managing waste in the organisation
  • Compile a simple action plan to minimise waste on site
  • Explain the purpose of record-keeping for the organisation
  • Identify key information to be recorded by the supervisor to meet organisational and legal guidelines
  • Explain the supervisor’s role in maintaining accurate records of the allocation of labour, plant and materials


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