Understanding Our Team

Understanding Our Team

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This day has been specifically designed for any teams that could do with a ‘pick me up’ day. The sole purpose of this programme  is to inject feelings of empathy, understanding, rapport and trust into the team. Delegates will spend time away from their usual daily activities building up their relationships and common goals. The objective of the day will be to leave the team feeling rejuvenated and more in touch with one another.

N.B This day can be further tailored in order to meet the specific needs of the team.


  • To raise team morale and team spirit.
  • For delegates to understand the impact that change has had and will continue to have upon themselves and their colleagues.
  • For each delegate to understand the necessary ingredients required for effective teamwork.
  • For delegates to understand how their individual working styles impact upon themselves, their tasks and their colleagues.
  • For each delegate to be actively involved in making decisions about the future conduct of the team in pursuance of its goals.
  • For delegates to participate in a fun, motivational, interactive day that will allow them to build more fruitful working relationships with their team colleagues.


  • Introduction
  • The impact of change
  • Managing change as a team
  • Red/Blue exercise
  • Three Top Team ingredients
  • Working styles
  • Exercises to build team esteem
  • How do we want our team to move forward?
  • Action plan and close


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