Kirsten Baynham


Kirsten is a Learning & Development professional who has a passion for learning and enjoys seeing others grow to meet their potential. She is particularly interested in and has a passion for the cultural and mindset shifts that are needed for a learner to take personal ownership of their behavioural change. She believes that exploring options and enabling others to work in a practical way to embed learning is important, and uses the experiential learning model (the 70/20/10 model) to build learning plans that are completely bespoke and meaningful to individual delegates.

As an experienced facilitator/coach her style is relaxed and engaging while simultaneously professional and credible. She considers herself to be a natural problem solver who can relate well to others and who builds strong relationships with whomever she works.

Her skills and capabilities include:

  • Coaching in a wide range of psychometrics at all levels.
  • Senior stakeholder and relationship management.
  • Experienced facilitator and delivery learning solution design.
  • Evaluation methodology and application.
  • Leadership/management and team development.
  • Design of learning competence frameworks.
  • Apprenticeship levy strategy design/implementation and operational management of Apprenticeship cohorts.

Her professional qualifications include:

  • CIPD – Level 3 Foundation in L&D Practice
  • MBTI Step I and II
  • Emergenetics Psychometric Profiler
  • Insights Discovery and Team Effectiveness
  • Hogan Suite (HPI, MVPI and HDS)
  • 360 Profiler accredited
  • Firo-B
  • 16PF
  • Strength Development Inventory (SDI)
  • Mary Gober Accredited (Customer Experience Training)

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