Rob Moon


Rob has had a passion for helping people grow for over 20 years. His 21 years at Yell gave him a strong foundation in leadership and management, sales, and soft skills training and included 14 years in the Learning & Development department supporting leaders and managers across the business.
Rob thrives when helping managers at all levels have great conversations that unlock opportunities to be truly creative and support their people in order to unleash their potential to the full benefit of the team and wider business.

Rob ensures that managers really do consider three key areas: Create the Climate/Culture, Boost the Mindset of their people and constantly nudge their skill through Effective Coaching Conversations, and he’s very well equipped to support managers in using techniques to achieve this.
Rob is experienced in working closely with people in many industries and sectors including construction, industrial & engineering, agriculture, advertising & media, retail, hospitality, health & pharmaceuticals, etc to design and deliver tailored events using experiential techniques that enable delegates to think for themselves to ensure sustainable behaviour change.
Some of his clients either directly or as an associate include Taylor Wimpey, Bloor Homes, Barratt homes, Anwyl Homes, NHS, Post Office, British Gas, AB Agri, Atlas Copco, Sky TV, Yell, and Birmingham City FC.

During his time working with the NHS Rob designed, wrote and delivered a Step Into Management programme for emerging managers and future leaders.
Rob is an accredited and licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery.
He is also able to deliver behaviour study workshops – Social Styles & Versatility as well as An Adaptive Mindset For Resiliency. Both have a close relationship to Emotional Intelligence which is a particular favourite of his.

Rob’s sessions with leaders and managers use fascinating discussion and links to many of the most popular management models and techniques. His sessions always ensure clear understanding of how to apply your learning immediately back in your role as well as understanding the theory.

People in many roles who have been in sessions with Rob have related to his relaxed, engaging delivery style and commented on how much they enjoy the experience of learning with him. He is dedicated and focused on his workshops making a real difference back in the workplace.

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