Consultative Sales Process, the Discovery Call and the Pitch

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Often a company focuses on “selling” when in a discovery call. They sell too soon. The reality is we can only capture the prospect’s desire to take action once we know what pains or priorities they have. This one-day course breaks down the discovery call process, with practical tips to implement.


  • Understand the basics of the AIDA sales process.
  • How to become a person of interest.
  • Enable each delegate to understand the prospect’s buying process, and how to keep control of the sale.

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Session 1:

  • Become a person of interest.
  • Tactics to use.
  • Teach to reach, show me you know me.

Session 2:

  • Preparing for a discovery call.
  • Structure of a discovery call.
  • Controlling the next steps.
  • Qualification

Session 3:

  • Preparing the pitch.
  • Structure of the pitch.
  • Preparing objections.
  • Closing the deal.

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