Everybody is in Sales

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A company relies on “the sales team” to make revenue. In reality, everyone can contribute. This fast-paced 2-hour session explains how a collective responsibility to have a sales mindset can compound to create growth. NOTE: The session needs to be linked to the introduction of an incentive scheme that rewards individuals for their contributions that turn into confirmed new revenue.


  • Understand the basics of the AIDA sales process.
  • Enable each delegate to understand they can contribute to the company revenue, and be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Be aware of what to look and listen for and how to ask the right question.

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  • How people buy.
  • Everyone sets their limit.
  • What we think has impact.
  • Instant gratification vs long term effort.
  • “What do you do…?”
  • Being aware of what to look out for and listen for.
  • How to ask better questions.
  • Believe you can.

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