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Men are three times more likely to choose an end-of-life strategy than their female colleagues. The term “Midlife Crisis” is more associated with a man. With more focus on Life Stage Health, this half-day session shines the spotlight on the need for the modern man to wake up to a new world.


  • Share the statistics of men’s health.
  • Understand more about a man in 2024 vs 1924 and societal changes.
  • Enable delegates to appreciate how a man’s body changes over time… and the Andropause. Different ages = different methods.
  • Give each person their own look into the mirror of their lives.
  • Enable delegates to learn simple things that can make big differences.
  • Enable delegates to connect action to a “why” so that they leave with a self-motivated action plan.

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  • Statistics associated with the four biggest killers.
  • Statistics of suicide in men.
  • Has the man of 2024 evolved?
  • The Andropause, what is it, when does it happen.
  • Truth mirror.
  • Do you know your numbers?
  • The body as a production line.
  • Links between the gut and the brain.
  • Foods that harm, foods that heal.
  • Five Fundamentals.
  • Habit formation, both good and bad habits.
  • Who is in your tribe?
  • How to find your tribe.
  • Why relationships matter, and how to improve yours.
  • Personal action planning.

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