Professional Communication Skills Training

Communication in the workplace is incredibly important, as it demonstrates to colleagues and clients that you possess good listening skills and you are a strong communicator.

There are many different forms of communication that can be improved by completing communication skills training. From verbal communication to writing skills, this training course is designed to improve your professional skills.

With the types of communication used within the workplace continuously expanding, digital methods of conversation are now more diverse than ever before. From answering critical client emails to engaging with your company's followers on social media, there is an increasing need to adapt to communication methods in order to prove that you are a good communicator.

Our communication skills training is designed for people who want to increase their 'personal presence' and ensure their communication is clear, assertive and persuasive. Our training is uplifting and motivational, as it is designed to impart practical communication skills and confidence.

We offer specific training programmes for organisations to improve their professional communication skills and ensure all their employees are confident communicators and able to handle the workplace situations they are likely to encounter in their role.

Our training is adaptable and can cover all forms of business communication. From making workplace presentations more effective in developing sales and public speaking techniques,  our communication skills courses are specifically developed to ensure everyone is communicating effectively. 

Once your employees are practising active listening, they'll find things like minute taking in meetings will become more thorough and winning new business will be possible through persuasive writing and conversations.

Your staff will also gain awareness of how to obtain a better understanding of what their body language and tone of voice say to business clients during face-to-face contact.

By developing your staff's skill set, you can help your organisation to achieve effective working relationships.

All of our communication training courses can be re-designed to meet your organisation's exact requirements. Contact us to find out how we can adapt our programmes to suit your needs.


NLP Communication Skills


The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Communication Skills programme is specifically designed for professionals who want to learn the key skills needed to achieve powerful and assertive communication. The course is focused on the NLP skills which can have the biggest impact on improving communication in the shortest time. It provides a tailored approach, which focuses on exactly what you need to know to make NLP work effectively for you.

The NLP Champion course is suitable for professionals across all levels who want to learn the key skills in the art of powerful communication within the workplace. Delegates will develop their communication abilities, leadership skills and confidence through experimentation and practical exercises.

Our NLP training aims to help every member of staff determine how to use communication methods to engage the widest possible audience. The effective communication skills gained during training will help staff learn how individual perceptions and filters can affect people's thinking and improve their approach to succeeding in workplace and professional situations.

To find out more about our professional and NLP communication skills training, you can download our course PDFs, contact us by email or call us on 0115 985 6576 for a consultation.

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