HR Webinars & Training Courses

Our online training courses are designed for HR managers, to improve their learning and development management skills, in order to benefit the organisations they work for. Effective talent management across an organisation is critical to the successful retention, development and placement of the individuals who will contribute to the growth and development plans of the business, particularly in today's increasingly competitive international environments.

Despite the importance placed on talent management and succession planning at a senior level, line managers can struggle to apply this at an operational level. Our webinars enable managerial staff to implement effective talent management in a meaningful and practical way, in order to support the strategic goals of the organisation. This ensures that every manager's training teaches them how to apply the skills they've learnt in ways which align with the organisation's core values.

Our webinar training explores HR best practice and, upon completing our online training, delegates obtain a confident grasp on how to identify and support the employees who will have a key role in developing the organisation.

All of our HR webinars and training courses can be re-designed to meet your organisation's exact requirements, so contact us by email or by calling 0115 985 6576 to find out how we can adapt our online training programmes to suit your requirements.

HR Coaching Techniques

In today's digital world, HR managers are increasingly finding themselves involved in supporting different managers to deal with managerial issues and challenges, both in-person and remotely. This can range from helping a manager to deal with managing a change in their department through to managing a difficult team member. HR managers also find themselves involved in delivering personal feedback to managers and need to do so in a way that is supportive and proactive.

In order to support line managers, it is vital that HR managers feel capable and confident enough to act as effective internal coaches. Our two-day coaching webinar is designed to provide tools and techniques that will enable HR managers to work more successfully, confidently and professionally as internal coaches. Throughout the two days, HR managers will be placed in virtual scenarios, in order to practice their ability to support and challenge one another through effective coaching techniques.

Our online training aims to help each delegate to gain an awareness of how to become successful coaches, provide effective guidance and coach line managers in line with HR best practice techniques and models.

To find out more about our HR webinars, you can download our course PDFs, get in touch by email or call us on 07914 677 719 for a consultation.

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