Personal Development Courses

Keystone has a series of courses and webinars aimed at promoting personal growth and development. By investing in these you are investing in your people and your organisation. Each course focuses on a specific area and targets important elements for personal progression. 

As employees are increasingly working remotely and under new pressures, personal development could not be more important. All of our courses are provided remotely, securely and within a timeframe to suit your needs. 


Remote Working Webinars

Perhaps one of the most significant changes to the workplace in recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers and employees alike to totally rethink the way they live and work.

Remote working has become the new normal for a lot of people and has brought many challenges with it. Our remote working webinar covers the details around how you and your teams can successfully work from home, covering areas such as video conferencing software, file-sharing services, how to organise be organised and how to keep motivated at home.


Mindfulness, Resilience & Wellbeing Workshops

Today's workforces are 'always on' and the demands of work mean that the ability to pay attention and be present in any given moment is often lost. This impacts on critical aspects of work such as effective communication, decision making and teamwork. 

Levels of distraction in society as well as in the workplace are at an all-time high. This results in increased tension and anxiety as we strive to be in many places at once, achieve many things at once and be many things to many people. 

Our mindfulness workshops help individuals focus on key aspects of their lives to provide processes for them to become happier in themselves.

We also offer a brilliant wellbeing and resilience webinar that focuses on building personal resilience and managing stress, particularly in the home.


Stress Awareness and Management Training

Every employee and manager who has a degree of responsibility will at some point in their working lives experience situations that put them under pressure. These situations may be sporadic or sustained. How proactively potential areas of pressure are identified will determine the level of stress incurred and ultimately the health of the individual and the impact on the wider organisation.

Our stress awareness, stress management and performing under pressure programmes raise awareness of what 'stress' is and how to manage it, improve organisational performance, and reduce sickness and staff absences.


Careers Guidance Courses

Keystone offers courses focused on both career planning and career aspirations.

Our career programmes have been specifically designed to guide employees towards self-management of their personal development. This is achieved by applying the SOAR coaching model to the current personal planning process. The workshop enables employees to move through each critical stage of their development planning and set meaningful goals in line with business objectives and their personal development aims.


To find out more about Keystone's personal development training, you can download our course PDFs, get in touch by email or call us on 07914 677 719 for a consultation.


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