Business Development Training and Client Relationship Management

Keystone's training courses cover the key aspects of business development, from networking and winning new business, through to maintaining and developing existing client relationships. Our Client Relationship Management courses will take this knowledge one step further and build on enhanced soft skills in client retention and stakeholder management. 


Business Development Training Online

We find that many business development managers and executives could develop their networking confidence and skills to benefit themselves professionally as well as their organisation. Our networking training courses are designed to ensure that every delegate leaves feeling comfortable about entering into networking situations and making the most of them in order to build their professional network of contacts and create a positive impression of themselves and their business.


Central to business development are the skills of finding new customers and engaging key decision-makers. Our sales training programmes are specifically designed to equip business development managers with exceptional selling techniques and the ability to apply these strategies to their own presentations. Our programmes take a holistic and refreshing approach to business development and the world of selling as a whole, identifying and mapping the current approaches to managing business winning processes, enabling you to structure and deliver powerful, convincing sales presentations.


How Training and Development Supports Business Growth

Through training, businesses and organisations have the chance to expand the knowledge base of all employees and allow them to pursue individual career goals within the company. Investing in the employees' training and development will undoubtedly improve employee satisfaction and morale, work consistency and overall performance. This, on the other hand, will have an overall positive effect on client relationships and when attracting potential business.


All of our business development training courses can be re-designed to meet your business' exact requirements, so contact us by email or by calling 07914 677 719 to find out how we can adapt our programmes to suit your requirements.


Client Relationship Management Courses Online


Business development is not just about winning new business; it's also about ensuring that existing client relationships flourish. Central to our approach is the critical importance of client relationship management (CRM) in maintaining an excellent reputation and securing repeat and new business in the future.


To ensure that there is an organisation-wide understanding of this, our CRM training engages a vertical cross-section of stakeholders across functions, while keeping your customers' feedback and expectations at the forefront of our consultancy, design and delivery.


Our high impact client relationship management training will help you to establish yourself as the supplier of choice, using empathy and reassurance to build trust and rapport, and manage challenging situations through to win/win outcomes. Aside from traditional negotiation skills, we find that delegates also gain benefit from mastering advanced persuasion patterns and strong objection-handling techniques.


Why choose Keystone's CRM course

At Keystone, we pride ourselves on delivering practical training courses, which will equip candidates with skills they can implement immediately in the real world. We will teach delegates how to distinguish between "hard selling" and a proper development relationship as well as how to contribute to the business' growth.

To find out more about our training for building client relationships, you can download our course PDFs, get in touch by email or call us on 07914 677 719 for a consultation.