Theatre Based Learning & Training

Acting is a powerful personal and team development tool. Keystone offers theatre based, high impact learning for large organisations.

"Role play was excellent and brought the subject to life in a real way. Best module so far and has had the biggest impact for my daily role at work."

- Lawrence Baxter, Balfour Beatty Rail Site Manager Of The Future Programme

Drama based learning

Have you ever watched an actor on TV or onstage, and wished you could talk with them, find out what it is they really think - even help them by offering some advice? Using theatrical techniques to reflect the real life workplace challenges of your people, Keystone invite participants to observe, engage with, coach and direct characters who are facing the same corporate dilemmas and business challenges as the participants themselves.

Our use of theatre and drama-based techniques to accelerate learning and increase engagement across the range of programmes we offer keeps Keystone at the forefront of theatre based learning. We work with specialist trainers and actor facilitators who are expert at utilising drama and DVD material to create memorable, high impact learning programmes and events for organisations and businesses like yours.

If you are interested in our theatre based learning and drama based training solutions for large businesses, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team via email or call us on 0115 985 6576 for a consultation.