8 Benefits of Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

8 Benefits of Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Published on 8 July 2020

Many companies have implemented equality, diversity and inclusion policies and practices in the workplace. Having an open-minded, forward-thinking and accepting work environment is now something that many companies strive to achieve. Recently, the issue of understanding and celebrating diversity and encouraging inclusion has gained even more attention across the whole world. Companies have been reminded of the importance of ensuring every employee understands how to contribute to an inclusive workplace and the positive impact diversity has on every aspect of the business.

The key thing employees need to understand is that equality, diversity and inclusion are primarily illustrated through interaction with others. Therefore, it is extremely important for both employees and management to work together and learn from each other, as well as implement effective diversity management practices. An Equality & Diversity Training is essential for any progressive business and should be reinforced in regular annual intervals to ensure all employees are familiar with the best equality, diversity and inclusion practices. 

Top 8 Benefits of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity in the workplace will undoubtedly benefit any business and open it up to a wider pool of candidates, diverse growth ideas and a myriad of talent. 

1. Diversity Will Increase Innovation Within the Business

A company with employees from diverse backgrounds will be able to leverage a multitude of experiences and viewpoints when making growth decisions. Employees can exchange ideas and fill in gaps in knowledge and expertise. With a multitude of employees having different life experiences and skills, innovation will take off. 

2. Adding New Skills to the Team

This goes without saying but the more open a business is to diversifying their pool, when looking for new talent, the bigger the likelihood of finding candidates with unusual skills. Candidates and employees from different backgrounds will have had different life experiences, resulting in a diversity of skills and knowledge. If the business only employed people with a similar background, the likelihood that they will all have the same skillset and experience is much greater and this can also lead to "group think" and working in an echo chamber. 

3. Finding Unexpected Talent 

Similarly to the point above, with more applicants from diverse backgrounds, the business will have a wider talent pool from which to choose. A diverse and inclusive company will always attract a wide variety of candidates, from all walks of life, which means that your hiring managers might stumble across some unexpected talent, which could shape and drive the future of the company.

4. Employee Retention

Employees are more likely to stay at a business where they feel respected, listened to and included. When the management team consciously promotes a positive environment where everyone has equal opportunities regardless of gender, age, race, orientation, background and other factors, they are sure to encourage healthy competition and increase productivity and satisfaction.

5. Improved Understanding of Market and Consumer Behaviour

It is not unusual for businesses to set up goals and plans, which might not resonate with a particular market or a consumer. This might not always be spotted in high-level business meetings where ROIs and competitor activity are being discussed. But in the office, regular employees who have a variety of experiences and viewpoints can sometimes identify a major gap or an issue with a planned campaign.

6. Become an Employer of Choice

Companies which put an emphasis on equality and diversity training and implementation quickly become popular from simple word of mouth. Happy employees will share their experience with friends and family, and post on social media and soon your business will be receiving much more interest from candidates and investors.

7. Improved Delivery Standards

When your employees know their work is valued, and everyone within the same role is being treated equally they are much more likely to deliver work to a high standard and genuinely feel like "part of the family".

8. Company Image and Media Presence

Last but not least, when the company has equality and diversity policies, which are put in practice, the environment will feel more welcoming and speak for itself. Businesses which make sure to promote equality and diversity through training and management practices and are not shy to share it in the public space are certain to attract much more attention to their brand.

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8 Benefits of Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace