ILM and CMI Accreditations

Keystone is proud to be an approved centre for courses with ILM and CMI accreditation. Our internal quality assurance processes have been assessed as meeting the rigorous standards required by these bodies in order to provide both CMI and ILM accreditation – a welcome external verification of our service excellence which we are proud to obtain. 

ILM Accreditations and Course Qualifications

Our selection of courses with ILM accreditation is managed by our experienced Centre Manager. We have Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 award, certificate and diploma courses, including the highly sought-after by employers

For the full list of ILM Qualifications, we offer please don't hesitate to contact us.

At Keystone, we aim to maintain a thorough understanding of the requirements for accredited qualifications and we take responsibility for ensuring that before and throughout our training programmes everything runs smoothly and is aligned to the awarding body requirements. 

Delegates will have access to a dedicated programme support tutor, who is available by phone and email whilst they complete their accredited qualification, Programme support tutors will answer queries and provide support for assignment work, including reading assignment drafts and giving feedback to help your staff continuously improve their management skills and broaden their industry knowledge.

ILM Training Qualifications

What is the ILM?

The ILM is the UK's leading specialist provider of accredited qualifications in leadership, coaching and management. They have over 50 years of experience in leadership development and have helped over a million people to gain internationally recognised qualifications.

What is an ILM Qualification?

ILM Qualifications begin at Level 2, which is suitable for new learners and team leaders, and go up to Level 7, which are in-depth qualifications ideal for high-level management CEOs. All levels will either an Award, Certificate or Diploma, depending on the number of credits gained

ILM sets the highest benchmarks for leadership and management performance as each ILM qualification involves set assignment work to verify learning and assist with effectively applying new knowledge within the workplace. Keystone design innovative assessment methods that ensure all assignments are highly practical and result in real business improvements and tangible benefits for the organisation.

 ILM Course Testimonial 

"In the last 12 months, BAM have commissioned Keystone to develop and deliver a bespoke ILM Leadership Development programme. This was a tremendous success, due in no small part to the excellence of the Keystone facilitator, but supported by very efficient administration and support. Keystone have a very collaborative approach, ensuring that their proposals were in line with our requirements and being very flexible in accommodating any changes that we wanted to make. The impact that the training has had on our delegates has been noticeable."

Chris Jones, Director of Learning and Development, BAM Construct

CMI Training and Qualifications

The Chartered Management Institute of Management offers a range of courses designed specifically to meet the needs of organisations, regardless of their size and industry. Keystone can deliver qualifications with CMI accreditation, which are tailored to your business and work with individuals to develop their leadership and management skills and give them the confidence to build the organisation's success.

CMI Training Qualifications

What is the CMI?

CMI helps employers with solutions to overcome challenges such as employee disengagement and managing change by boosting the skill sets of all managers. CMI's Leadership & management training gives people tools to help them further their professional development and achieve nationally recognised qualifications. From endorsing existing training to delivering bespoke development courses, CMI accredited training is specifically designed to improve organisational and individual management performance.

Is CMI a Recognised Qualification?

The Chartered Management Institute's qualifications are recognised across the UK and Europe and offer a great, accredited qualification to add to your CV.
Some of the most sought-after CMI qualifications are: 

  • Level 2 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Team Leading
  • Level 3 Award, Certificate & Diploma in First Line Management
  • Level 5 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Management and Leadership
  • Level 5 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring


CMI or ILM? It ultimately depends on which qualification will help you achieve your leadership and management career goals. The biggest difference between the two organisations when it comes to their accredited leadership and management training courses is that the CMI is a Chartered Institute, whereas the ILM is an independent charity. By enrolling on either a CMI or ILM training course, you'll have a professionally recognised qualification, as well as equipping you with the skills you need to supercharge your leadership and management career.

At Keystone Training, we pride ourselves on providing flexible options to suit the needs of employers and their staff. We are therefore pleased to offer Leadership & Management webinar training courses with CMI and ILM accreditation during this challenging time. For more information on the range of training webinars we are currently offering, you can find out more on the Managing Remote Teams course page.

To enquire about our ILM and CMI accredited qualifications, please call our team on 07914 677 719 or send us an email.

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