Leadership today – and an exciting new tool

As organisations become flatter and the environment more complex, leaders must deal with increasing ambiguity. Whether your organisation is traditional or a newer matrix-type structure, you’ll find that your business leaders and managers can no longer rely on hierarchical authority or a ‘business as usual’ approach. They need to work with awareness and intelligence in key competency areas that directly impact their effectiveness and therefore your organisation’s performance.

We’re really excited to introduce a new leadership tool that delivers everything you need to help your leaders meet this challenge.

The Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE) Leadership Diagnostic Report (LDR)™ was developed by two of our senior associates, David Bancroft-Turner MIPD, Dip TM and Wayne Thomas MA, MSc, MBA, PhD.

The MaCE LDR™ enables people to become more effective in leading others when delivering boundary-crossing goals, projects, initiatives, processes or support services in dynamic operating structures. It is a multi-purpose personal preference instrument that diagnoses someone’s self-reported beliefs, behaviours, knowledge and skills against the seven capability areas considered critical for effective leadership in modern-day complex, ambiguous or changing environments.

These capability areas are:

  • Leadership Accountability
  • Political Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Conflict Handling
  • Ambiguity Management
  • Intrepreneurial Creativity

From information generated by the questionnaire, a ‘snapshot’ of a business leader’s current MaCE capability levels is produced in the form of a bespoke personal development report. The MaCE report provides a targeted menu of learning activities that can be undertaken to improve a manager’s or leader’s effectiveness and results in their role.

After doing MaCE, we can provide you with a group snapshot so you can identify team areas for development as well as individual areas.

Each of the seven capability areas has an associated development programme which includes the use of further preference tools to enable bespoke solutions for personal development gaps.

If you think your organisation could benefit from the use of the MaCE LDR™ then why not contact us to try out your own complementary online MaCE questionnaire?

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