What is an ILM Qualification and Why Do You Need One?

ILM qualifications are becoming increasingly popular with organisations across all industries, which encourage the continuous professional development of their employees. An ILM qualification will improve your employee’s leadership and management skills and prepare them for undertaking more responsibilities and higher-level roles.

What is an ILM Qualification?

The ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) provides leadership and management qualifications that are industry-leading. They offer courses, ranging from Level 2, all the way up to Level 7. Each level can be completed with an Award, Certificate or Diploma and is dependent on how many credits are gained at each level. At Keystone, we offer a range of ILM-accredited qualifications, which includes training courses across Level 2 to Level 5.

Is ILM a Recognised Qualification?

An ILM qualification is internationally recognised and is widely accepted as proof of leadership and management skills and the ability to manage a team and navigate business decisions. Even if you don’t have previous management experience an ILM qualification can be used to boost your CV and chance of employment in the desired higher-level position.

What are the Benefits of ILM qualifications?

Improves Leadership and Management Skills

Even if you have been in a managerial position for a long time there are always new approaches, advised practices and procedures that you can learn about. An ILM course will present you with real-life scenarios to help you build your knowledge and skills and become better at your job.

Builds Confidence

While you might have learned on the spot and managed teams when the situation required it, you still need the confidence of having mastered the process of people management. ILM qualifications focus especially on the aspects of leadership and management, which have to do with inspiring your colleagues and managing people and processes.

It’s an Internationally Recognised Qualification

Regardless of whether you’re planning on a career abroad or not, an ILM qualification is future-proof. We never know what turn our career might take, and it’s good to know your skills and knowledge are recognised and respected around the world.

Increased Employability and Progress

Competition for management positions is always high and sometimes it’s the little things that set a candidate apart. An important decision, such as which candidate to hire, can be based in part on the qualifications they possess and an ILM qualification will certainly make an impression.

You Don’t Need To Be Away From Work

While a Business Management degree might require you to dedicate yourself to full-time education, ILM qualifications are flexible and can fit around your work so you don’t have to lose money or take days off. Many ILM courses are available online and include the support of a tutor and extensive online reading materials

Why Should I Choose an ILM Qualification?

An ILM qualification will equip existing managers and those hoping to progress with the skills, confidence and knowledge to take on the challenges in the real world. The many resources, professional support and practical situational training, inspired by the everyday workplace, will prepare you or the employees of your organisation to take on bigger responsibilities with added flare and confidence.

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