Team Member has a Management Book Published!

Congratulations to team member Esther Patrick who has had her book ‘Management: The Essential Guide’ published by Need2Know Publishers! Lack of access to good quality management training and role models is a problem for a lot of managers. Many UK businesses think that management skills are something you can pick up ‘on the job’. They’re wrong. It’s already hard for a manager to approach their operational tasks – planning, organising and keeping things on track – in the best way. Managing people is even more difficult. In fact, being a manager is a highly skilled activity. This practical guide to management gives you the essential information you need. More importantly, it tells you how to use that information to make simple improvements to your management practice that will get immediate results.

Learn about managing people and planning and organising tasks so you can be as effective as possible with limited time. Find out how to build a great team, delegate work the right way, manage performance and deal fairly with underperformance. Develop your coaching skills and become more confident at handling and resolving conflict.

This practical book will help you enjoy your job more, get better results and get the best out of your people.

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