The Coronavirus Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Upskill Your Employees

The global Coronavirus pandemic hit businesses hard especially those struggling to find the right talent and optimise their workflow. Working patterns have changed, employees have moved to work from home and a portion of the workforce is on furlough. Companies are now facing issues with both managing the new situation and preserving the key skills within the business.

Remote working and social distancing, to some degree, are expected to remain for the foreseeable future. For businesses, this means that the Coronavirus lockdown can be utilised as the perfect time to upskill their employees and remain competitive in the market following the ease of restrictions.

Develop Suitable Management Behaviours

When managers are faced with the new challenges of supporting a team remotely, performance, productivity and engagement can suffer. A course in Leadership and Management or Successfully Managing a Remote Team can help them build suitable management behaviours and develop new communication approaches to ensure that employees are kept engaged and proactive, without feeling overwhelmed.

Boost Employee Morale

Businesses can ensure their employees continue to feel validated and respected by encouraging personal training and development. This is, realistically, investing in the future, as employee turnover decreases and valuable new skills are added to the company. Leadership and Team Skills Training for key employees considered for a promotion, or Customer and Business Awareness courses to help build stakeholder relationships can be ideal for upskilling the workforce during the lockdown.

Improve Communication 

Switching to remote working has certainly redefined expectations when it comes to business relationships. From answering critical client emails to video conference meetings, client phone calls and engaging with your company’s followers on social media, there is a need to adapt quickly to the changing environment. Ensure all your business communications remain clear, polite and persuasive with a Professional Communication Skills Webinar, which is sure to boost your employees’ confidence.

Focus on Soft Skills and Awareness Training

The lockdown is the perfect time to invest in training, which although needed, is often left secondary to specific skill upgrades. Leadership skills can be useful for any employee aiming to become a manager or team leader within the organisation and Equality and Diversity training will equip everyone within the company with the right understanding of how to build an inclusive and tolerant workplace environment.

Support and Upgrade the HR Department

HR revolves around building stable employee relationships in the workplace and professionals within this sphere have had an especially challenging time while adjusting to the new working-from-home model. Talent management, team leadership and delivering feedback remotely are just some of the skills covered by our HR Webinar and Training Course, ensuring that your organisation’s structure remains stable and the business keeps growing even during these difficult times.

Upskilling your employees is crucial for company morale and remaining competitive in this challenging business environment. Keystone offers a variety of training courses in a webinar format, perfectly suited for your business development needs. Get in touch today to discuss the best training opportunities for your organisation.